The Site Rebuild

From 2008 to 2022, this website was a Wordpress based blog - and it worked really well! For most of that time I actively blogged and produced content. Wordpress did everything well enough, and being on a well-maintained SELinux box, it stayed secure and Just Worked most of the time.

These days though, I have less appetite for long-form what-I-did-on-my-holidays content creation and prefer to maintain more of a content hub, so opted to replace Wordpress with a new stack based on Zola, a Rust-based static site generator.

I don’t need dynamic content, really, and am quite happy editing in an IDE, so a static site generator fit the spec nicely.

I really hate to lose old stuff - but after having a good look through what was there, updating 15 years of content and revising what was now wildly out of date or even just culling it was looking like much too much work, and I hate things being wrong more. The Internet Archive has history, and I have an old blog database backup just in case.