I’m quite easy to reach on a number of different platforms, detailed below.


I can be reached at james@talkunafraid.co.uk, and prefer email for most things, so start there if you’re cold-calling.

I support PGP encryption of emails sent to my address. My public key can be found here or on keys.openpgp.org with key ID 0x64BEDDD5E318060C and fingerprint 9D64 11C6 A590 6F94 FDD1 19C1 64BE DDD5 E318 060C.


I’m on Matrix, as @james:talkunafraid.co.uk. This is my preferred instant messaging and conferencing tool of choice.

Social Media

I’m on social media by way of the fediverse over at @james@burningnebula.net.


I never truly left the 90s, so I can still be found on various IRC networks, including irc.libera.net, usually as JamesHarrison.


I don’t list my phone number here, but if you have it, I use Signal in preference to SMS.