I’m a big fan of astrophotography, for the challenge it presents on a technical level and for the artistry that making a great image requires.

All of these images were captured in my back garden in Oxfordshire, mostly containing data captured over multiple months and years. On average, my images contain between 10 and 20 hours of exposure time - but I often capture more than twice this amount and pick the best data to use.

Details about my equipment and software can be found here, and below is a collection of some of the images I’m most proud of. You can click on each thumbnail to view in more detail.

M1 - The Crab Nebula

M 1

M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy

M 51

M81 - Bode’s Galaxy

M 81

M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy

M 101

NGC 281 - The Pacman Nebula

NGC 281

NGC 7023 - The Iris Nebula

NGC 7023

IC 5146 - The Cocoon Nebula

IC 5146

The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula (hydrogen alpha)

Elephant’s Trunk